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AFSOC Courseware Support team hits the ground running

VectorCSP kicked off its latest contract (in partnership with InfoPro of Huntsville, Alabama) to provide technical services for the Headquarters for Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) at Hurlburt Field, Florida. The main effort of the task is courseware development providing “combat mission ready” (CMR) workbooks for the Command’s aircrew and represents one of the highest priority areas of the AFSOC Commander, Lt. Gen. Bradley Heithold. Follow-on development will include Advanced Tactical Training (ATT) courseware, focusing on more seasoned aircrew and providing advanced knowledge in tactics, techniques, procedures (TTP), command and control, and systems knowledge, along with identifying aircrew that are ready for instructor/aircraft commander upgrades.

The team has evaluated three learning management systems along with the potential to use the electronic flight book and provided the AFSOC training division with recommendations.

The first milestone was attained within three weeks of contract initiation with the production of the MC-130J Co-Pilot combat mission-ready “coloring book.” A briefing to the AFSOC Director of Operations of the MC-130J project, progress to date, and proposed way ahead was enthusiastically approved. The model for all AFSOC weapon systems is set and the course developers are moving ahead with the next two aircraft mission design series (MDS) in the project.

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