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This Is Our Why

The VectorCSP value system is directly tied to the service provided by the military veterans who comprise our staff. From our CEO to our administrative staff and all levels in between, the values of our military veterans encompass the way we conduct our business, the way we support one another, and the way we help our communities.

Work smart and hard to make government work better

We know that the men and women who work for our government are dedicated to maximizing the return on every taxpayer dollar. We believe that our talents and commitment to high-quality delivery serve to amplify the value, through efficiency and effectiveness, that our government programs deliver on behalf of the citizenry.

Give back to our community

We know that many of the communities we live and work in are underfunded and struggle with social and economic issues. We believe that it is our responsibility to make direct, positive impacts in our communities and in the lives of our neighbors.

Respect and take care of each other

We know that time spent at work is time spent away from loved ones. For this reason, we seek to make the work experience as meaningful as possible, always recognizing that every individual has value and deserves respect. We believe that our reputation as an “employer of choice” is hard-earned and directly contributes to the high-caliber / high-character talent we provide our customers

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