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VectorCSP: Cost, Schedule & Performance

VectorCSP is a Federal contracting small business based out of North Carolina and with a program office in Washington DC Metro area. We help our nation’s military and government leaders realize the Cost, Schedule, and Performance goals of their organizations through our expert integrated logistics, engineering, training, and strategic program management support.

Our employees represent our core values and work hard every day to make a positive difference for our government customers. Through VectorCSP, they are able to continue to support our country’s most important homeland and defense missions.

Our coastal locations in Elizabeth City, NC and Patuxent River, MD provide easy access to all mid-Atlantic client locations and beyond, from Georgia to New York. With employees currently working on government contracts from California to Maryland and points in between, we have nationwide reach to a network of highly skilled talent with common core values.

VectorCSP’s Commitment to a Sustainable Future

At VectorCSP, we recognize the pressing need to address environmental challenges and actively reduce our carbon footprint. We have set ambitious goals to reduce our carbon footprint in line with our commitment to science-based targets. By aligning our targets with the latest scientific research and global climate efforts, we ensure that our actions have a measurable impact in mitigating climate change. These targets serve as a compass, guiding us in implementing practical and effective strategies to address our environmental impact.


Critical Areas We Prioritize:

  • Reducing paper use and moving to digital alternatives and paperless workflows

  • Maximizing energy efficiency in our offices to create healthy and sustainable work environments for our team members

  • Enhancing waste management practices by implementing recycling programs and promoting waste reduction measurements


VectorCSP is officially recognized on Science Based Targets and We Mean Business Coalition for our commitment to a more sustainable future. 


Together, we can foster a culture of environmental responsibility and inspire others to join us on this path to sustainability.


A Proud HIRE Vets Medallion Company


A proud V3-certified company

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