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Program Support

Our management and analytics experts help our customers ensure organizational and program viability by leveraging proven subject matter expertise and program management controls for focused, high-priority initiatives.

Global Hawk

PMO A&AS Support

  • Cost and schedule monitoring and reporting

  • Strategic planning

  • Risk management

  • Institutionalized quality assurance

  • Organizational alignment

  • Facilitation support

  • Program administration and documentation support

  • Project/portfolio planning and management

Program Analysis

  • Strategic alignment and thought leadership through SME support

  • Policy and governance support

  • Business case analysis

  • Requirements definition and management

  • Mission needs assessment

  • Concept of Operations (CONOPS) development

  • Cost and alternatives analysis


“In numerous meetings to discuss opportunities, and during project focused meetings the Vector team has consistently demonstrated extraordinary technical competence in strategic planning, systems engineering planning, and program management. More importantly they have created an environment of innovation through focused brainstorming and open frank discussions of relevant issues and opportunities. This facilitative approach was key in developing our strategic plan, and defining focused tactical opportunities that advance our strategic objectives. I’ll continue to do business with Vector because the experiences of this year past have shown me that instead of trying to force a preconceived solution – they put identifying and solving our problems first.” – DHS Component Acquisition Support Command

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