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The growth of VectorCSP’s logistics and program support services from the aviation domain into the maritime domain was a natural evolution based on the similarity of technical requirements between the domains. By blending the legacy of U.S. Coast Guard seamanship and mission-focus with the logistics and engineering process rigor of military aviation programs, we provide our SEA customers with affordable, actionable solutions that improve fleet readiness and availability.


Our maritime staff is comprised of the men and women who have bravely sailed the seas and secured our borders. Replete with maritime maintenance analysts, port engineers, inventory managers, and training experts, our staff has a deep appreciation of the perils of the sea and the energy required to get the job done.


We recognize the proud traditions of U.S. naval and maritime programs. Our maritime experts leverage proven maritime mission support practices while amplifying their effectiveness through incorporation of industry and aviation logistics and engineering processes.


For our maritime customers, we deliver a range of services and solutions; from logistics process improvement and port security logistics training, to maintenance procedures and unit allowance lists, and acquisition support services solutions.


VectorCSP’s maritime customers benefit from a combination of the vast technical expertise of our staff and our unbiased posture with regard to OEMs (both platform and component). We serve in the best interest of our maritime customers, and will seek only the best, most appropriate solutions on their behalf.

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