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Rollin Dixon

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Rollin “Raoul” Dixon serves as Chief Operating Officer for VectorCSP. He leverages his extensive operational experience as an Air Force and civilian pilot along with a strong track record of success in leading people in both peacetime and hostile environments.  His collaborative approach to business strategy development and growth initiatives serves to ensure VectorCSP’s operational viability as well as corporate growth targets are achieved. He works directly with operations leadership to manage contract portfolio actions across multiple US and overseas locations, strategic teaming to best support customer needs, and contract growth. Raoul previously served as an Account Leader and Program Manager at VectorCSP, where he successfully stood up our contract providing unit operational support for Air Combat Command’s Combat Air Forces, USAF Warfare Center, and Air Support Operations Squadrons.  His well-rounded experience and enduring support of company priorities serve VectorCSP’s strategic vision and growth goals. 

Raoul’s straightforward and unwavering support of VectorCSP teammates and clients alike enables individuals at all levels to swiftly and creatively provide world class service in critical, fast-paced, and high-stress environments. His prime objective is to best serve the customer while adhering to VectorCSP’s core values, standards, and processes. With an unyielding commitment to employee growth, he works closely with operations staff to fully understand and appreciate the dynamics of the Federal market while ensuring high-quality delivery across the portfolio. Additionally, his understanding of and insight into customers’ organizational challenges to successful mission continuity engenders mutually beneficial business relationships with both large and small businesses across the Federal enterprise. 

Raoul holds a bachelor’s degree from California State University, Fresno and has flown multiple aircraft, including Boeing 727/737/747/757/767 and his favorite, the A-10 “Warthog” 

Chief Operating Officer

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