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CSE and VectorCSP Win IBCTPL Contract at SFLC

CSE Corp (prime) and VectorCSP (sub) have teamed to win an Ice Breaker, Buoy, and Construction Tender Product Line (IBCTPL) contract at the Surfaces Forces Logistics Center. We will help bring logistics supports services in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Data Analyst , and Asset Management Support to the MACKINAW WLBB, 225 WLB (Sea Going Buoy Tender), 175 WLM (Buoy Tender), 140 WTGB (Inland Icebreaker Tug/ Bay) , 100 WLI (Inland Tender) , 65 WLI (Inland Tender), 100 WLIC (Inland Construction Tender), 160 WLIC (Inland Construction Tender), 75 WLIC (Inland Construction Tender), 65 WLR (Inland Tender), 75 WLR(Inland Tender), and 65 WYTL (Small Harbor Tug) cutter class Hull Mechanical &Electrical (HM&E) systems.

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