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Significant Wins on End of Fiscal Year Opportunities

VectorCSP teamed with its strategic partners to win several task orders in support of the Coast Guard; some of which were competed via the DHS TABSS contract vehicle, while others were awarded under existing BPAs.

Centralized Data Management

VectorCSP and BayFirst Solutions will provide Central Data Management support services to the Surface Forces Logistic Center (SFLC) Small Boat Product Line (SBPL) and Patrol Boat Product Line (PBPL). This effort will centralize maintenance-related data capture and management for Coast Guard Sector’s at Curtis Bay, MD.

IBCT PL Support

VectorCSP and BayFirst Solutions will provide Maintenance Analyst and Configuration Data Management services to the SFLC Ice Breaker, Buoy and Construction Tender Product Line (SFLC-IBCTPL). The team will induct and support multiple Product Line asset classes including the 240’ WLBB, 225’ WLB, 175’ WLM, 160’ WLIC, 140’ WTGB, 100’ WLIC/WLI, 75’ WLIC/WLR and 65’ WLR/WYTL/WLI, utilizing the following IT tools for the asset induction into the Fleet Logistics System (FLS), Naval & Electronics Supply Support System (NESSS), Electronic Asset Logbook (EAL) and Mobile Asset Manager (MAM). The accurate induction and consistency of configuration data management is critical to the IBCT PL maintenance program.

Maintenance Requirements Review Support

VectorCSP and BayFirst Solutions will provide Maintenance Requirements Review (MRR) support services to the United States Coast Guard Surface Forces Logistics Center’s (SFLC) Small Boat Product Line (SBPL). Through this task order, the team will conduct a comprehensive review of existing maintenance and supply support programs for the 49 BUSL, 55 ANB, 24 SPC-SW, 45 RBM, and 33 SPC-LE and 64 ANB asset classes, performing engineering logistics, information analysis, and supply data development IAW with SBPL Engineering Branch SOPs and the SBPL Desk Guide. MRR support will enable the SBPL to decrease costs, increase asset availability, and make further data-driven decisions regarding asset management pertaining to maintenance periodicities, parts usage and inclusion on MPCs, and required CG-22s and SICRs.

HC-144 Logistics Readiness Review Support

As a sub to LMI, VectorCSP was awarded a task order to organize, coordinate, and conduct a formal Logistics Readiness Review (LRR) for the Medium Range Surveillance Aircraft (HC-144A). The Coast Guard uses LRRs to review logistics plans and resource documents for different assets, and the policies and processes used to implement them. The purpose of performing an LRR is to identify and mitigate acquisition and logistics risks. The LRR process assesses acquisition plans, resource documents, and actions to ensure production of quality plans, and initiates corrective action to address deficiencies in acquisition logistics planning and implementation. Team LMI/Vector will ensure that all logistics support elements are established and optimized to support assets that must be ready to go at a moment’s notice.

PSU Training

VectorCSP and BayFirst Solutions were awarded a task order to provide onsite training services to the United States Coast Guard Surface Forces Logistics Center’s (SFLC) Small Boat Product Line (SBPL) PSUs in the use of the Asset Maintenance Management Information System (AMMIS), Naval Electronic Supply Support System (NESSS), Asset Logistics Information Management System (ALMIS) and Electronic Asset Logbook (EAL). As a result, PSU personnel will be better capable of maintaining the supply and maintenance interfaces required to keep the Sector and boat station assets at optimal availability and readiness.

SBPL AMS3 MPC Development

VectorCSP and BayFirst Solutions were awarded a task order to provide the Coast Guard’s (USCG) Surface Forces Logistics Center (SFLC) Small Boat Product Line (SBPL) with Maintenance Procedure Card (MPC) support services for the 33 SPC-LEO, 20 CB-L and 26 OTH asset lines. The team will ensure that the SBPL’s maintenance procedures fully align with the standards prescribed by SFLC and DCMS.

SPC SW Illustrated Parts Breakdown (IPB) Development

Via the URS technical data BPA, VectorCSP is tasked with developing an Illustrated Parts Breakdown (IPB) for the Small Boat Product Line’s 24’ SPC-SW asset. Our team works hand-in-hand with TIMB during development of IPBs, which are based on the established configuration and allowance list, ensuring that the final product meets all standards for use and implementation in NE-TIMS. IPBs are instrumental in assisting technicians in identifying necessary parts and understanding how these parts interact with the entire system.

Documentation Development for SFLC TIMB

Via the URS technical data BPA, VectorCSP is tasked with updating, revising, and editing existing USCG documentation. The objective of this effort is to ensure that all technical documentation is current and aligns with existing systems and processes for performing a process. This project requires data capture and collection via research and interviews with Subject Matter Experts and/or Accomplished Performers, content development and revision, quality assurance, and editing and formatting support.

SFLC BOD Project Management Support

VectorCSP and E3 Federal Solutions were awarded a task order via TABSS to provide project management support to the USCG SFLC Business Operations Division to assist with execution of the field unit and surface asset integration project. This will include developing and maintaining logistics transformation project plans, rollout schedules, and documentation in accordance with SFLC BOD direction.

SFLC ALD Integrated Logistics Support

BayFirst and Vector were awarded a task order to provide equipment specialist and inventory management services to the product lines and shared service divisions of the Coast Guard’s Surface Forces Logistics Center (SFLC) Asset Logistics Division (ALD). Together our team will assist the Coast Guard in provisioning 850 stock items and enroll these items into the Naval and Electronics Supply Support System (NESSS). Our team will also be responsible for providing ongoing life cycle management of these items and some of the 29,000 existing stock items already in the NESSS database, in the form of drafting purchase descriptions or repair descriptions for the items, and preparing inventory management documentation and purchasing documents as needed.

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