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Thoughts on VectorCSP Employees

by Damien Walz, CEO, VectorCSP

I am inspired by the efforts and ingenuity of our employees. Their technical and leadership skills are exemplified by their commitment to customer success and high-quality services and solutions delivery. VectorCSP employees deliver expertise and boundless energy to help our customers solve problems and implement solutions for some of America’s most critical Defense and Homeland Security missions.

Our employees are also family and community members, faced with an ever-changing set of opportunities and challenges, and they face them courageously. They care, they struggle, they succeed, they fail; and every morning they wake up, face the new day, and get after it. They commit to the fight, and relentlessly pursue successful solutions to ensure our customers make their missions. Many of our employees are prior U.S. military, helping all of us live VectorCSP’s core values of integrity, decency, and courage.

Our commitment to VectorCSP employees is to “deliver a positive and enriching employee experience.” In addition to being a righteous commitment, it gets amplified every time an employee goes the extra mile to help a customer, colleague, family member, or community member solve a problem, stare down opposition, or improve performance.

I am proud to call myself a VectorCSP employee… specifically Employee #10. I am humbled to work with a group of employees who consistently demonstrate the values I strive to live up to. Many of the best people I have ever met have donned a VectorCSP polo shirt.

Every VectorCSP employee is part of our ongoing story, an American epic stained with sweat, rich with struggles and triumphs, and full of heart.

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