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Updating the VectorCSP Mission Statement

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

By Rollin "Raoul" Dixon, Chief Operating Officer

As VectorCSP completes its second decade of operations, we face a rapidly changing landscape within the U.S. Government Contracting (GovCon) space. Today’s business environment is often called VUCA – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous. The political, social, economic, and technological factors that shape our environment are rapidly changing and present the need for adaptive business practices. Increasingly, we see that successfully navigating this environment requires us to think beyond the status quo while creating an overarching, reliable framework that enables leaders and employees to accomplish their work effectively. Unquestionably, a solid foundation of principles and a business structure that fosters agile responsiveness are keys to success.

In July of last year, the VectorCSP senior leadership team undertook a full review of how we conduct our business, what key strengths have contributed to our success, and what impediments we must overcome. A significant result of this review has been creating a forward-looking, comprehensive business strategy that addresses current priorities and considers the modern business environment in which we operate. The strategy, formally announced by our CEO, Damien Walz, on January 4th of this year, includes refined and refreshed corporate Vision, Mission, Goals, and Core Values. Through intentional organizational alignment and employee engagement, we are ensuring every part of VectorCSP understands, commits to, and actively supports the core values and strategic priorities that will carry us forward.

The new VectorCSP Mission Statement, Boldly support our customers’ missions and positively impact the well-being of our employees, serves to reinforce our purpose, which is to deliver superior services and solutions to our U.S. Government customers, and to do so as an outstanding company for those who support our customers’ missions…our employees.

Mission. It is rarely VectorCSP’s responsibility to directly lead customer mission priorities as a government contractor. Our charge is to provide valuable support through our dedicated service and creative solutions to ensure our customers can most effectively accomplish their missions. Our employees embrace and support the missions of our customers. We do this professionally, exceptionally, boldly, knowing that every mission we support is vital to our country’s security, safety, and prosperity.

Employees. Our employees work smart and hard to exceed expectations and create positive outcomes where operational success or failure hangs in the balance. They are a true force for good in U.S. GovCon. VectorCSP’s commitment is to be a transparent, honest, and supportive employer with the ultimate objective of every VectorCSP employee feeling supported and respected while being genuinely proud of themselves and their company.

A corporate focus on both mission and people can, at first blush, seem counterintuitive. However, clear and open communication, which includes leadership, employees, and the customer, enhances mutual understanding, reduces confusion and apprehension, and enables the entire team to meet challenges together as they arise.

Our Mission Statement sets us apart as a vibrant American Government Contracting company with the ability to effectively share its focus between our customers’ mission and the well-being of our employees. This philosophy has been embedded in VectorCSP culture since our beginnings two decades ago. It has served as the bedrock foundation of our success and is woven into the fabric of our great company. Continuing this rich heritage will ensure that we succeed for decades to come.

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