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VectorCSP completes successful validation of Coast Guard MSRT maintenance procedures

A VectorCSP team is developing Maintenance Procedure Cards (MPC) for the modernized Coast Guard high-speed Marine Security Response Team (MSRT) craft. One of the primary vessels included in the project is the Special Purpose Class – Law Enforcement (SPC-LE) boat. This 33-foot boat has three 275 horsepower outboard engines and is utilized for maritime law enforcement missions including drug interdiction and migrant missions along our maritime borders. It can attain speeds up to 60 knots and has a 250 nautical-mile range. Project Manager Kennith Farris is pleased with the team’s progress. “We conducted an onsite validation of just over 300 MPC’s and gathered information on their supply items to aid us in our provisioning analysis. We accomplished all this in just 4 days.” Supervisor Tracy Simmons noted high praise from Coast Guard leadership, Senior Chief Rick Baynor. “The MPC validation was a complete success from my perspective. Your team was professional, knowledgeable, and understanding of our operational tempo. The collaboration between your team and mine was beneficial. The 33′ SPC-LE fleet will benefit greatly from the hard work. I believe it was an eye opener for all involved to see just how different some of these assets can be from a configuration standpoint based on build dates. Your team was very attentive when it came to these issues and documented the correct procedures in the MPC’s. This being the second set of validations I’ve completed with your team, I would welcome them back to MSRT anytime.”

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