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VectorCSP Continues to Provide Expertise For The Coast Guard’s H-65 Conversion And Sustainment

The US Coast Guard Aviation Logistics Center (ALC), Short Range Recovery (SRR) Product Line has been tasked with extending the service life and increasing the capabilities of the H-65 helicopter by replacing obsolete communications and navigation equipment and upgrading the Cockpit Management System avionics systems. As part of this effort, the Coast Guard was also tasked with the installation of a sensor system called FLIR (Forward Looking InfraRed). VectorCSP has partnered with the Coast Guard to provide an expert staff to support these efforts.

The H-65 aircraft evolution effort has proceeded in phases, with each phase having an alphabetic title designation. These phases are being accomplished during the aircrafts’ depot level maintenance cycle. The MH-65C is complete and the MH-65D Prototype and Validation and Verification aircraft are complete along with 39% of the MH-65 fleet which have been converted to the MH-65D series aircraft. The MH-65E upgrade effort is currently under way in its design and development phase. VectorCSP is providing the U.S. Coast Guard with a diversified team that provides project management expertise in developing timelines with project milestones and scheduling parts buys for long-lead-time components. We have also provided structural and mechanical engineering analysis and electrical, avionics, and Automatic Flight Director System technical support. We provide logistics support by assisting the product line contracting and supply elements, and by ordering parts, by building and managing aircraft kits, inventory control management, fiscal tracking, and updating existing manuals and developing new technical documentation.

The H-65 product line has been extremely satisfied with the performance of our VectorCSP H-65 Support Team. The Vector Team has been fully integrated into the SRR product line and supports the product line Engineering, Contracting, Supply and Projects sections. Being imbedded in the product line allows our VectorCSP Team to not only support upgrades but to also provide timely support for the legacy H-65 aircraft in the fleet.

Our VectorCSP H-65 Team has supported all recent H-65 evolution projects, this includes:

  1. The MH-65C Aviation Use of Force (AUF) helicopter project that installed a new weapon system and was completed within the required cost, schedule and performance parameters

  2. The H-65 ASIST (Aircraft Ship Integrated Secure Traverse) project that culminated in a successful prototype system being installed in an MH-65D aircraft

  3. The MH-65D project which is on-going now and is on schedule to be completed within the required parameters

  4. The MH-65E project, the final evolution and last major H-65 upgrade

VectorCSP is proud to be a part of the H-65 program and has shared in the successes the Coast Guard has had in designing and implementing H-65 platform changes. These changes have helped to support H-65 fleet operations and will ensure that the H-65 will continue to safely serve the American public until the year 2027.

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