VectorCSP Education Partnership

VectorCSP has partnered with the Schlechty Center and Pasquotank County High School in a pilot program to transform the focus of, and therefore the results achieved by, education stakeholders. The effort has resulted in the definition of specific mission goals and success criteria for the school, its staff, and its students. The progress toward those mission goals is recorded and displayed in a program dashboard that provides drill-down exploration of the overriding success cornerstones and the milestones that must be reached to support them.

The dashboard is currently being used as an internal measuring stick to guide the pilot team through their transformation process. But, it will soon be made available to the general public so they can see the progress being made by the team at Pasquotank County High School. VectorCSP is proud to support Pasquotank County High School in their efforts, with the help of the Schlechty Center, to raise their own standards, and not only to meet the expectations of their stakeholders but to exceed them by a wide margin. The Pasquotank team is already seeing results that are exciting and encouraging. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for our partners in this effort.

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