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VectorCSP HC-27J MPC Development Project gets high marks

A ten-member team of aviation technical experts tackled a task to develop Maintenance Procedure Cards (MPC) for a fleet of 14 HC-27J aircraft that the Coast Guard acquired from the Air Force in the summer of 2014. The Aviation Logistics Center (ALC) HC-27J Asset Project Office in Elizabeth City was charged with developing an Integrated Logistics System to support delivery of the aircraft to USCG Air Station Sacramento to support Initial Operating Capability in the summer of 2016.

VectorCSP was awarded a contract to produce 450 field-level MPCs. The task was particularly complex with explicit and detailed airworthiness requirements, and the team received significant praise from the Coast Guard for providing technical ability and innovation well beyond expectations.

Completed ahead of schedule, this project was paramount to and was one of the key components to the successful “transfer of the watch” of the USCG’s first operational HC-27J unit, Air Station Sacramento, in July 2016. (see link)

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