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VectorCSP Team Wins Recompete of its Programmatic Acquisition Support to CG-9335 C4ISR Contract

VectorCSP, eGlobalTech, and AS&T teamed together to win the recompete of the Programmatic Acquisition Support to CG-9335 C4ISR contract in Moorestown, New Jersey. The team will provide the United States Coast Guard with Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems engineering services, technical assistance, and other services to support the CG-9335 Program Management Office – Moorestown Detachment during its Acquisition Cycle. This support is required to deploy the Coast Guard’s next generation of C4ISR systems across the entire fleet of National Security Cutters (NSC) and other USCG assets. The C4ISR systems being acquired provide additional functionality and shifts to an open software architecture, which will enable the USCG to maintain and sustain the overall C4ISR systems on the NSC and other USCG assets more efficiently and at a lower cost. The team looks forward to continuing their support of CG-9335 C4ISR.

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