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Team Strategic Alliance Business Group (SABG) Wins AFSOC 1 SOCES and 27 SOCES Support Services Contr

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

VectorCSP, as a part of Strategic Alliance Business Group’s (SABG) team, was recently awarded an Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) contract to provide civil engineer technical support services to the 1st Special Operations Civil Engineering Squadron (1 SOCES) and 27th Special Operations Civil Engineering Squadron (27 SOCES). This is a continuation and expansion of Vector’s prior 27 SOCES task order.

VectorCSP will continue providing technical advisory and assistance support, to include those related to Program Management, Project Integration, Budgeting, Cost Estimating, Scheduling, Contracting, Engineering, Test & Evaluation, Configuration & Data, Inspection, Security, Logistics, Manpower & Personnel, Administration, Facilitation, and Training for 27th SOCES at Canon AFB.

VectorCSP is proud to be part of the SABG team and continue supporting AFSOC.

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