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VectorCSP Receives DHS Small Business Achievement Award

On April 17th, at a ceremony in our Nation’s Capital, a contingent of VectorCSP staff received a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Small Business Achievement Award.  During the ceremony, DHS leadership stated that last year over 2,000 companies received their first contract from DHS.  However, only two companies received the Achievement Award for their outstanding performance with the Coast Guard.  VectorCSP was cited for their exceptional support of Coast Guard aircraft at the Aviation Logistics Center (ALC) in Elizabeth City, NC, and for expanding that outstanding support to Coast Guard cutters and boats at the Surface Forces Logistics Center (SFLC) in Curtis Bay, MD.  Vector’s CEO, Stan Walz, said “I believe the reason we are successful, and were singled out for our superior performance, is that our employees are dedicated to the missions of our clients.  It is the commitment of our employees to mission success, to their character, dedication, and professional competence… that’s what makes the difference. That’s how we ‘cut through the noise’ and deliver excellence.”

In the photo, in addition to DHS staff making the presentations are:  Stan Walz (CEO) holding the award; to Stan’s right is Colleen Young, our Proposal Manager, and to his left Justin Nelson representing ALC support and Tracy Simmons representing SFLC support.

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