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Vector Values

By: Damien Walz, Chief Executive Officer

In 2022, embarking on its twentieth year in business, VectorCSP refreshed its corporate strategy to build the path for enduring success in a sometimes-unpredictable GovCon environment. Central to the new strategy was embracing a simplified set of core values that represent what it means to work for our good company.

Drawing from Our Legacy - The effort to define core values began by acknowledging the fundamental building blocks that drove our company to consistent success for two decades. Historically, VectorCSP operated according to three key tenets:

  • Work smart and hard to make Government work better,

  • Respect and take care of each other,

  • Give back to our communities.

These principles served the us well, and they remain valuable themes in our evolving company story.

Forward from Our Core – VectorCSP’s refreshed core values are simply understood and powerful. Behaving, always, according to our value system simplifies decisions in an increasingly interconnected and complex business environment.

INTEGRITY - Above all else, integrity. Always dealing honestly makes us incorruptible.

DECENCY - In an increasingly polarized world, decency increases in value and keeps us above the fray.

COURAGE - The righteous path is fraught with risk; courage empowers our decision to navigate that path.

These values support the corporate culture we strive to maintain. The way our employees behave at work should make their families, friends, colleagues, and communities proud. It is the responsibility of every VectorCSP employee to embrace and uphold these core values, otherwise we have no standing.

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