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Innovation Empowerment That Drives Growth

By Mark Peters, Innovation Analyst and VectorCSP Site Lead for Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) Training Innovation

Assisting, tracking, and monitoring the rapid transformation of Air Force Special Operation Forces (AFSOF) training is critical for our client’s ability to lead through accelerated and deliberate strategies. AFSOC training innovation support of the warfighter is maintained through a trusted partnership founded on projects that deliver significant tactical impact and keep in stride with the strategic priorities of the Special Operations Command and Washington. The AFSOC Training Innovation teams remain cognizant of warfighter needs and continually analyze return on investment (ROI) and human performance best practices, which allow us to effectively derive and then choose the correct unmet training innovation. This warfighter-centered approach leads to quantitative, tangible results that help AFSOC adapt to the new missions, technologies, or tactics in play on the battlefield. Keeping in-stride, training transformation will ensure AFSOF emerges from the battle against terrorism with our joint partners fully prepared to meet future global encounters.

Scientific breakthroughs including technological innovations can empower leadership, which in turn empowers the high-speed teams that provide a spirited edge helping to safeguard our military advantage, boost our economy, and advance the human condition. Many segments of the world are changing, and new threats are emerging constantly, requiring continuous innovation and expansion of target projects. AFSOC training innovation teams anticipate future needs through the forecast of national security threats and provide the ability to innovate and mitigate those threats and translate innovations into mission-proven systems.

As key members of the training innovation team, we have a responsibility of supporting training requirements that do not curb the organization’s ability to transform quickly and efficiently drive growth. Employing decades of experience within special operations, as well as the training development environment, our team’s quick reaction force exceeds expectations by enabling innovation through inspiration. Our success is displayed through the projects developed by our teams and expressly due to our flexible approach to tasking. This flexibility is only possible when we empower our high-performance personnel, which allows for quick reaction to emerging technologies and revamping of existing capabilities.

This form of empowerment requires a revolution in thinking and leaders who permit their teams to operate autonomously, knowing that these groups are working hard, usually through long hours. A core value that sets the stage for success happens when we uphold respect and care for our team’s hard work by ensuring each hour spent away from family is used judiciously. This only happens when leadership approves/promotes authentic human behavior by recognizing every individual has worth and deserves respect.

Bottom Line: the culture of trust, empowerment, and flexibility that reside both at VectorCSP and AFSOC is what enables us to deliver training innovations that make the warfighter more lethal, capable, and safe.

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