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VectorCSP – Cut Through the Noise

By: Damien Walz, Chief Operations Officer

At VectorCSP, we work to cut through the noise. The confusing noise of the complex bureaucracies of our customers, the trivial noise of some of our self-important beltway contracting counterparts, the droning noise of the latest management theories and business buzzwords, and the unending noise of purposeless meetings and meetings and meetings. We accept that there will always be noise. Therefore, we will forever work to cut through the noise on behalf of our:

  1. Employees, who want to contribute to meaningful and actionable solutions,

  2. Teammates, who want to know that we are dealing honestly together, and

  3. Customers, who want to get the most value out of every dollar spent.

At VectorCSP, we cut through the noise:

In our behavior

We work as effectively in austere secure base facilities as we do in corporate boardrooms. We align with and mirror our client’s professional protocols and core values. When it is time to be serious, we are serious; we always focus on the mission, but we can be casual and have some fun in our work lives. Rather than act like “suits” to impress our customers, we prefer to roll up our sleeves and get to work with our customers. Professional courtesy and action cut through the noise.

In our meetings

We understand and accept that ours is a business rife with meetings. However, we do not accept that meetings have to be aimless wanderings attended by casts of thousands. Our employees, our teammates, and our customers know what to expect from a VectorCSP meeting – a simple agenda, someone facilitating the meeting efficiently and effectively, action items with completion timelines, and probably not much food or other indulgences, as we really don’t go in for all the peripherals. Focused meetings cut through the noise.

In our language

We talk plainly, preferring clear language to beltway hyperbole. This is true in our proposals, in our briefings, in our dealings with other companies, in our exchanges with one another, and in our direct engagements with our customers. We strive to be as approachable to deckplate and hangar deck mechanics as we are to flag-level leadership. Plain language cuts through the noise.

In our solutions

The reports, tools, analyses, and services we deliver to our customers are understandable and implementable. We believe customers should quickly understand solutions and recommendations, and realize tangible benefit from our support. It is obvious to our customers that we want to get to work quickly, that we have a solid plan but are flexible, and that we have no intention of wasting their time or money. Understandable and actionable solutions cut through the noise.

In our attitude

We appreciate that there are men and women around the globe putting themselves in harm’s way on our behalf. The meetings we have and the deals we strike do not compare in terms of importance. However, we recognize that our work supports these men and women around the globe putting themselves in harm’s way on our behalf, so we take our work seriously on their behalf. We believe that what serves them best is getting to the point, getting to work quickly, and remembering the mission. Laser focus on mission support cuts through the noise.

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